Legendary Motorcycle Tours

Wow! What a day to go for a ride!

How many times have you thought that? And, then, how many times does that little voice in your head start asking questions like, "Where should I go?" or, "How long will it take me?" or, "Will there be a nice place to stop for food or gas along the way?" Does all this uncertainity cause you to take the same rides over and over, and prevent you from trying something new and memorable? If so, then today is the day to contact Legendary Motorcycle Tours.

Let John and Diane at Legendary Motorcycle Tours do all planning for you. We are your one-stop option for affordable, guided motorcycle tours of the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding region. There's so much to see and do, from breathtaking mountaintop views, to touring historic points of interest, to winding through wooded byways - even sighting an occasional bear or eagle - you will never be bored.

Enjoy your ride

At Legendary Motorcycle Tours, we take it slow and easy, so you can relax and enjoy all the scenery and experience the beauty that God has laid before us. We avoid the highways in favor of the scenic routes. We'll take you along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, and explore the many other legendary roadways that make this area a favorite for motorcyclists.