Legendary Motorcycle Tours

Ride Packages

Legendary Motorcycle Tours will create a custom tour package to suit your ability and stamina. We offer 2 or 3 day weekend Tours or 1 full day of riding. You can travel on your own, to meet new people with similar interests, or bring a spouse or some friends along for fun. We also offer private group packages, in case you want to entertain corporate clients, organize an office get-away, or just spend a day hanging out with the guys or gals on the open road.

All you need is your bike, the right gear, your desire for fun and adventure, and we'll take care of the rest.

What if ...

Okay, there's that little voice again (we hear it, too): "What if my ride breaks down, or I get a flat, or . . ." Not to worry! Legendary Motorcycle Tours can provide a support vehicle with an enclosed trailer to accompany your trip, for an additional fee. The guides and support vehicle stay in communication to ensure that everybody stays moving and has a great time. Regardless of the tour you choose, we believe your ride should be worry-free. We recommend that everyone's bike be roadworthy, and we will provide you with a 10 point checklist to review before you hit the road. We also recommend you are properly equipped with the appropriate riding gear: boots, chaps, jackets, and gloves, to raingear and more; in case of inclement weather.

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